Estate planning is important for anyone to do – it provides peace of mind and security regarding the future of you and your loved ones.  However, for first responders, estate planning is particularly important as their careers, by nature, carry a greater risk to their health and lives.

Firefighters and police officers, for example, work in dangerous and volatile circumstances.  Accordingly, up-to-date estate planning is important to ensure that their family members are legally covered in the unfortunate case of death or illness.   While first responders risk their safety to help protect others, it is important that they have estate planning in place to protect the future of their loved ones.

Brooke A.m who is featured in the picture used for the article, is a volunteer firefighter in the county where she lives.  She responds to many calls including house and barn fires.  While her activities as a firefighter sometime put her in danger and cause her to take great risks, she knows that having an estate plan provides protection and security for her husband and daughter.

Brooke writes, “I know my work as a firefighter is dangerous, but I love what I do.  I am humbled that people trust us to help them when they are dealing with worst case scenarios.”  As an involved member of her community, Brooke is passionate about protecting the area she calls home, as well as her neighbors.

Just as she is passionate about protecting her community, she knows that estate planning is a way for her to protect her family, sharing “I’m not the only one who assumes risk when I get a fire call.  My husband feels it, my daughter is there waiting for me to come home.  One of the best ways I can protect my family is through estate planning.”

As an estate planning attorney, I have worked with first responders both through my own legal practice and as a volunteer with Minnesota Wills for Heroes.    First responders give so much of themselves in order to protect others – I enjoy assisting them in taking action to put a plan of protection in place for their own families.  If you are, or someone in your family is, a first responder and have questions regarding estate planning or regarding Wills for Heroes, contact Schromen Law, LLC today.

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