There are numerous benefits to estate planning, but one that cannot be discounted is the peace of mind that comes with having an estate plan in place.

No matter how large or modest your estate, it is inevitable to question what will happen with your hard earned assets should something unexpected happen to you. The answer to “what will happen” should be left up to YOU, not a court-appointed stranger who has no personal knowledge your life, wishes, desires or loved ones.   Of course, the only way to ensure you are in control is through estate planning.

I frequently work with clients who, prior to starting their estate planning, have frequently worried about “what would happen.”  They worried about who would take care of their businesses, and what would happen to their children, family and home.  They often have wishes regarding certain heirlooms, and want to ensure they will go to specific individuals.  Clients worried about how much their estate would be taxed, and the probate process their children may have to go through should they die without a will.  These concerns gave my clients anxiety – keep them up at night and adding another element of worry to their busy lives.

Through getting their estate plans in place, the clients I work with are able to not only put into writing what they want to happen with their assets when they die, but they are also able to have discussions with their families and loved ones regarding her wishes and what responsibilities they are willing, or not willing, to take on.  While there are oftentimes still plenty to worry about in life, they no longer have to worry about what will happen when they die.

One of my favorite parts of being an estate planning attorney is helping my clients to find peace of mind by planning for their estates.  Time and time again, I work with clients who express that they feel so relieved after finishing their estate plan.  They find relief in having the estate plan done, but also in knowing that the attorney they worked with will be there to assist their families after they die.

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