Schromen Law, LLC is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Autism Speaks Walk, taking place on September 29, 2018 at the U.S. Bank Stadium.  The Autism Speak Walk is one of the largest autism fundraising events, dedicated to improving the lives of people with autism.

Schromen Law, LLC provides representation to families who have loved ones with autism.  Oftentimes these families are in need of more complex estate planning – guardianship planning, supplemental needs trusts, special needs trusts, and planning for the beneficiary with autism to have help and guidance in managing their inheritance.  It is not uncommon that families feel overwhelmed, confused and do not know where to start.  It is especially important for families with these unique factors and challenges to have support, resources and tools to call on to navigate this planning.

Autism Speaks is a leading organization when it comes to autism research to provide solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.  Their work aims to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism spectrum disorder and other related conditions.  The 2018 Autism Speaks Walk will help raise awareness in the Twin Cities and money raised will support Autism Speaks in achieving their mission.  There will also be a resource fair available to families looking for resources and support.

If you wish to be a part of this event, you may register to walk or make a donation.

Schromen Law, LLC provides free initial consultations to families who have loved ones with autism, to discuss their legal questions, concerns and goals.  Please contact Rachel Schromen at 651-571-2515 or


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