It is not uncommon that family members, predominantly female family members, have provided a majority of care to their aging loved ones.  Today, middle-aged adults, known as the “Sandwich Generation,” are those who are caught between the demands of caring for their children and providing care to their aging parents.

The number of individuals who qualify as part of the sandwich generation is growing for a number of reasons including:

  1. Couples are increasingly waiting to start families until their mid-to-late 30’s; and
  2. People are living longer due to better healthcare and technology.

The sandwich generation consists primarily of women, who are largely between the ages of 40-59.  These individuals face a multitude of issues including increased stress, financial hardship and depression.  With the responsibility of caring for both children and aging parents, many in the sandwich generation find themselves feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and as if there are not enough hours in the day.  Financial obligations can lead caregivers to having financial struggles of their own – especially if their parents did not properly plan for long term care and end-of-life expenses.

It is important for those in the sandwich generation to utilize resources available to them.  Individuals should not, and cannot, alone be responsible for all aspects of care required.

Schromen Law, LLC provides legal counsel to many clients who are part of the sandwich generation. Not only do legal matters come up when clients are acting as a caregiver, but they also need to plan for what will happen to the individuals they care for if they are no longer around or able to provide such care. Oftentimes caregivers from the sandwich generation are in need of estate planning services to plan for the protection and security of their children, and elder law services to help address long term care and end-of-life planning for parents.

Children completely rely on their parents, and it is important to have legal documents in place so that appropriate guardians are able to step in easily should something unexpected happen.  When caring for aging parents, it also is not always necessary for children to exhaust their financial resources for their aging parents’ care.  It is important to have a strategic and legally sound Medical Assistance plan as aging parents approaching the need for long term care.  Further, if aging parents have the proper estate planning documents in place, it greatly eases the burden on caregivers in caring for them in older age, and managing their affairs when they pass away.

Schromen Law, LLC provide estate planning and elder law service to those in the sandwich generation that find themselves caring for their aging parents and also raising their children.  Free consultations are available to help answer questions and create a plan.

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