Many have become aware about upcoming changes that will limit the availability of Medicare Cost Plans in 66 Minnesota counties.   Starting in 2019, health insurance companies will no longer be able to offer Medicare Cost Plans in several counties in Minnesota including the Twin Cities, metro area.  This means that an estimated 370,000 Medicare recipients, in Minnesota, who are currently enrolled will need to make changes to their plans for 2019.

While coverage for 2018 will stay in effect through the end of the year, it is important to  prepare now for the Annual Election Period, which begins October 15.

Here are some steps you can take to plan and prepare for the changes:

  1. Relax!  You have time to prepare, and there are professionals to assist you.
  2. Watch your mailbox for mailings from CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services).  It is very important that you keep these letters and have them available if needed when signing up for a new plan for 2019.
  3. Start a folder for letters and information and keep it readily available.
  4. Gather information about your current plan. Make a list that includes the following:
    1. Your current Medicare supplement insurance provider name
    2. Your current Part D Rx insurance provider name
    3. Your Pharmacy name
    4. Your Clinic name
    5. Your Hospital name
    6. Any specialists you have
    7. Your current medications, including dosage and frequency

Since this change affects so many seniors, being prepared ahead of time with your information will help you with this transition.

Working with a qualified health insurance professional will:

  • Help to ease your anxiety surrounding this challenge;
  • Provide you with recommendations for coverage options, based on your current clinics, doctors, specialists, medications, and pharmacy;
  • Provide you with on-going support through the transition and with your new coverage;
  • Help to ensure you new plan still meets your current needs, and continues to meet your needs with annual reviews.

There are a number of professionals, such as Aileron Financial, that are well equipped to help you through these changes and help you explore your options.  If you have additional questions, you may contact John Mandt at 651-330-4249 or at

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