If you’ve called Schromen Law, LLC recently, chances are you’ve heard a new voice on the line. I’m Kimberly Witt, the new executive assistant for the growing firm!

With a background in education, I come to Schromen Law after more than a decade of teaching high school and college English classes. While I will always be a teacher at heart and still do some part-time and volunteer work in that field, various factors led me to a career change.

My husband and I first met Rachel Schromen when she helped us plan our estate last summer. As parents of two teenagers, we had procrastinated long enough. I frequently thought about what a mess our children would inherit if we didn’t get our affairs in line, and Rachel made a difficult process much easier by explaining unfamiliar concepts in easy-to-understand terms and helping us choose the most efficient and effective plan for our family.

We left our signing appointment with such a huge sense of relief, knowing we now had plans in place for our future and for our children’s.

Our initial interaction as clients led to Rachel and me meeting for coffee to connect further, which led to a working relationship, and now here I am, a part-time employee helping other clients go through the same process my husband and I embarked on last year.

My years of teaching provided me with strong communication skills, an ability to think on my feet, and an aptitude for organization that will serve me well as Schromen Law makes other exciting changes soon.

In addition to my work with Schromen Law, LLC, I am a freelance writer —mostly about parenting — and a volunteer at the Keystone Rice Street food pantry. I also enjoy running along the river, trying out new-to-us local restaurants and breweries, and exploring undiscovered streets and neighborhoods.

After relocating to St. Paul from Northwest Iowa five years ago, my family and I have fallen in love with the sense of community here, a community defined by businesses like Schromen Law, LLC.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Photo credit: Ali Hormann Photography

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