The month of May is a special one at Schromen Law, LLC. First of all, it’s Elder Law Month. We are proud of the legal services we are able provide to our elderly neighbors. Beyond legal services, though, May is also Older Americans month, and our firm wants to foster community and conversation around embracing life transitions. Aging, illness, and death can be incredibly challenging and devastating experiences, but if we can approach these transitions with supported curiosity, perhaps we can also find moments of growth and unexpected beauty.

In that spirit, we’ve invited Sarah Hudson of Sarah Hudson Photography to share some photographs. Sarah shares Schromen Law, LLC’s same curiosity and openness towards aging. On her website, she writes, “Aging is something we are taught to fight, but it comes with a story we should try to view as a gift.”

Here’s more from Sarah:

We all dream of a long, healthy and happy life, but the difficult truth is that no one is guaranteed any of that. Growing older is something many people fear because of health issues, financial concerns or just the general unknown. Aging can be difficult for many, but there is also so much beauty in the aging process.

May is Older Americans month, and to celebrate, I want to share some of my favorite photographs that I have had the honor of taking during some of my past Heirloom Sessions. I started doing these sessions because I have a passion for finding beauty in everyday moments that celebrate yesterday and today. Quiet moments, memories, details, connections. Those moments don’t go away because we get older, and it is my goal to document that beauty.


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