I’m so pleased to announce my arrival as Of Counsel with Schromen Law, LLC!  My background is full of twists and turns that have landed me exactly in the right place at 319 Ramsey, working both for Schromen Law as well as running my family law practice, Streit Law LLC. I have been an attorney since 2008, working in a variety of legal roles. I spent three years as civil litigator, and I worked for several years for a legal publishing company while my two sons were younger. Before all of this, as a new law school graduate, I was a judicial law clerk at the Minnesota Court of Appeals for three years where my role was to draft and edit court opinions for now-retired Judge Terri Stoneburner.

While these experiences were quite varied, one thing remained constant — life was always presenting changes. A couple of the more difficult transitions in my life were the end of my marriage and my son Tony’s diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. My life turned upside down for some time. As I was weathering that years-long storm, Rachel helped me get my estate plan in order. Rachel and I knew each other from doing pro bono work at the Sexual Violence Center in Minneapolis. It gave me a sense of relief to know that, though everything in my life felt so unplanned, I did indeed have a plan.

How did all of this recently land me with Schromen Law and my solo practice?  I can thank(?) COVID-19 for that. In the early days of the pandemic, I came to a better understanding of my purpose. (I had to do something with all my extra free time!) My purpose is to help others go through life’s difficult transitions. As a family law attorney since 2020, I now guide my clients through — often unexpected — family transitions, just like the one I went through several years ago. I represent every one of my clients using much more than sharp legal skills: I bring serious life experience with me into my practice. So, when Rachel approached me about joining her estate planning practice as I launched my own firm, there was no question in my mind. Of course! I now have the honor to serve clients through both end-of-life issues and relationship changes.

When not engaged in my legal work, I love spending time with my middle-school-aged sons, spending lots of time outside, running marathons, knitting, and listening to podcasts. I volunteer with the Tubman family law legal clinic and take the occasional community-ed. pottery class as well. I love driving across the river to work every day from my home in Minneapolis. I was born and raised in Saint Paul’s Como Park and attended college and law school at the University of Saint Thomas, just a few miles up Summit Avenue from 319 Ramsey.

It’s great to be back! And I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

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