Estate planning is a crucial step to securing your assets and the well-being of your loved ones. Unfortunately, several myths persist, preventing many individuals from recognizing the importance of estate planning. So, let’s dispel some of these myths and misconceptions while shedding some light on the importance of having a thoughtful estate plan. 

1. Myth: I’m young. I don’t need estate planning.  

Reality: Age doesn’t determine the need for estate planning. Emergencies and unforeseen events can happen at any age. While we don’t like to think about this reality, creating an estate plan when you’re young will ensure that your wishes are documented, including asset distribution, guardianship for minors, and healthcare choices. Further, once a person turns 18, nobody else has inherent legal authority to make financial or medical decisions on his or her behalf.  These documents can be easily updated as you grow older and your wishes and needs change. 

2. Myth: I’m not thinking about death. I don’t need estate planning. 

Reality: Some of the most important estate planning documents have nothing to do with death. Healthcare directives and powers of attorney are all about addressing your wishes while you are still alive. These documents allow you to designate a trusted individual, or individuals, to make medical and financial decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so. Having these documents in place provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones during difficult times. 

3. Myth: I’m not sick. I don’t need estate planning. 

Reality: Estate planning should be proactive, not reactive. Waiting until a serious illness or crisis can lead to rushed decisions, added stress, and missed time spent with loved ones. When you plan ahead, you can make informed decisions, removing the pressure during emergencies and difficult diagnoses. 

 4. Myth: I don’t have a lot of assets. I don’t need estate planning. 

Reality: Estate planning isn’t just for the rich and famous. Regardless of the size of your estate, you want to make sure your wishes are followed and that your assets are distributed accordingly. This can also avoid the potential for family disputes over inheritance. 

5. Myth: I’ve named beneficiaries. I don’t need estate planning. 

Reality: First of all, great job! You’ve removed one task from your to-do list. However, naming beneficiaries is just one piece of your estate planning puzzle. A comprehensive plan includes documents such as wills, trusts, healthcare directives, powers of attorney, and deeds for real estate. With the full puzzle completed, you can ensure that all your assets are distributed the way you desire. 

6. Myth: I’ve used a free website for estate planning. I don’t need an attorney. 

Reality: Free online tools can provide basic templates, but just like you trust a surgeon for your heart procedure, you should trust an attorney to handle your intricate estate planning needs. Online templates miss the personal guidance and state-specific laws that an attorney can provide guidance for. Knowing that things are done correctly and that you’ve helped your loved ones avoid a potential mess after your death will be worth every penny! 

Don’t let these common myths deter you from creating a comprehensive plan that safeguards your assets, provides for your loved ones, and gives you peace of mind. Start with a free consultation at Schromen Law, LLC so we can help you navigate the complexities and tailor an effective and efficient plan that suits your specific situation. It’s never too early to plan, but it can be too late if you wait. 

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