As the ages and stages of life changed for her grown children — now 43, 29, and 26 — Nanci knew it was time to update the estate plans she had made in 2017.   Schromen Law, LLC was recommended by family members, and because the office was close to her home, it was an easy decision to work with the firm.

With Schromen Law, Nanci found peace of mind rather than hassle.

“Melissa was very communicative and pleasant to work with,” Nanci says. “She was patient with me. I had a lot of questions for her about how the papers were being drawn up, and there were questions I hadn’t thought to ask in the past. She was very helpful.”

This wasn’t Nanci’s first time working on her estate planning documents, but with Schromen Law she found a personal touch. “With the first firm, I wasn’t sure who I was working with, but it wasn’t the attorney I had met with when I signed on,” Nanci says. “I did not feel the connection with them that I did with Melissa.”

That connection was important as Nanci worked through some complicated supplemental needs trust concerns. Issues came to light that she hadn’t thought of before, and “there were a few things in the first will and trust I didn’t remember being there,” Nanci admits. However, with Melissa’s guidance, she was able to make sure her documents now met the needs of her and her family.

Life experiences have made Nanci the biggest cheerleader for getting estate planning crossed off the to-do list. “You either pay for it up front or at the back end,” she says. “And it could be a lot worse at the back end. I’m trying to avoid that mess for my kids.” 

“After the death of a family member who only had a will, I realized how much time and energy it took the personal representative to get the will probated. Because of that experience, I’ve been talking to some friends about the importance of estate planning,” Nanci says.

“I have a friend who wants his assets to go to his grandkids, but has nothing in place — not even a will. I keep telling him that if something happens to him, it will be his kids, not the grandkids, who will have first rights to his estate and will get whatever is left of his estate after it goes through probate,” she explains. 

To these friends on the fence about meeting with an attorney, Nanci knows just what to say: “I’ll go with you if you want. I’ll drive. I have someone in Minnesota that I would recommend, and that’s Schromen Law.”

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