When Aaron and Sarah White boarded a flight for Florida recently, they had all the normal worries: Would the flight be on time? Did they have everything they needed in their carry-on? Would the weather cooperate? There was one thing they didn’t have to feel anxious about, though. They had recently completed their estate planning documents with Schromen Law, LLC and knew that if something terrible happened while they were away, they had plans in place for their family. 

“It took away some of the anxiety about travel,” Sarah says. 

Their respective careers brought both Sarah and Aaron face-to-face with the importance of estate planning.  

I’m in healthcare,” Sarah says. “You never know when your health is going to change. Doing [estate planning] when you’re healthy makes so much sense.” 

Aaron, an environmental attorney, understands the ramifications of not being prepared. “There are countless stories of families that fall apart fighting over their parents’ estate,” he says. “If you have to do something at the end of life, that just fuels that fire. Did they have capacity? Were you manipulating them? If you can get it done before then, that takes that out of it.” 

A young mother looks on and smiles at her baby boy
Henry and Sarah

Naming guardians for Henry, their soon-to-be three-year-old son, was, of course, a top priority for their estate planning documents. “Ours was a logical choice,” Aaron says of their decision for guardian. Together they had previously talked with friends and family about their choice, but it helped to have everything in writing. 

“Everyone knows what the plan is,” Sarah says, “if, God forbid, something does happen.” 

 The choice to work with Schromen Law was also an easy one, and the reason comes down to one name: Melissa. 

Aaron went to law school with Melissa. “I knew and trusted her and wanted to work with her,” he says. “It was an easy choice.”  

Sarah hadn’t met Melissa prior to their first consultation, but she found herself immediately at ease. “She’s super friendly and bubbly and has good energy. She connects with you and makes you feel comfortable,” she adds. 

Of course, the process wasn’t without emotions. “Thinking about not being here for our son is heartbreaking an

d makes me feel anxious,” Sarah says. “But I know that we’re setting Henry up for the best success possible by having our wishes known.” 

Completing their

A young boy and his father make silly faces at each other
Henry and Aaron

documents brought a sense of pride. “I felt very adult,” Sarah admits. “Having a will and estate plan in place feels so responsible.” 

Now, like other Schromen Law clients, Sarah and Aaron are telling their friends and family members to work with the firm, including friends who wanted to complete documents before a trip to Hawaii. 

 “We recommended working with Melissa, and they feel so much better having those documents completed,” Sarah says. “They really trusted Melissa’s opinion.” 

That trust and the peace of mind that comes from being prepared will be with the Whites — and other Schromen Law clients — on every flight they board now! 

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